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Welcome to Hawthorn Recovery Services, Inc. We recognize there are several options in the market when selecting a collection partner and we appreciate your business.Your opinions and feedback are IMPORTANT to us. Please let us know if there are problems or questions with your reports, our processes, or any contact issues you are having.As a convenience to you, we have an Online Client Web Portal. This site is user specific for your organization and has several benefits for you. These benefits include:

  • Secure site for file transfer to send new accounts to HRS or receive files/reports from us.
  • Ability to add new accounts to your collection inventory online – no mailing necessary.
  • Custom Reporting – you can inquire on your accounts or run reports to view the accounts and status/balance information.
  • Payment Reporting – any payments or adjustments can be reported to us through this portal.
  • Memo – You can notify us of holds or status updates including bankruptcies – any messages sent through this site will trigger a notification to us to review. We hope you find this feature beneficial. Again, thank you for your business.

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